Program Overview

Your return on investment will be high. The multiple opportunities you have to advance your career personally by learning, to advance your career professionally by networking…is worth the price of admission.—Lt. Gen Larry D. James, USAF (Ret.), NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Get career opportunities that are like space—endless.

AIAA SPACE 2015 combines the best aspects of technical conferences with insights from respected leaders, providing a single, integrated forum for navigating the key challenges and opportunities affecting the future direction of global space policy, capabilities, planning, research and development, funding, security, environmental issues, and international markets.

Diverse crowd

AIAA SPACE 2015 will provide actionable future-focused insights into critical challenges and opportunities facing the global space community, including:

  • Utilizing space and advanced technologies to connect and protect a global society
  • Employing Earth observation data to support and advance scientific and societal needs
  • Developing and exploring space to enhance and enrich the human experience

What to Expect

  • Almost 1,000 participants from more than 300 institutions in 20 countries
  • More than 400 papers reporting on the latest innovations in space technology, exploration, and operations
  • ITAR sessions reporting on timely, innovative ideas and progress
  • A technology-driven exposition

Leading experts engaged the audience on the topics of: Life Sciences and Systems • Microgravity and Space Processes • Small Satellites • Space Architecture • Space Automation and Robotics • Space Colonization • Logistics • Space Operations • Space Resources • Space Systems • Space Tethers • Space Transportation

AIAA SPACE 2015 will appeal to:

  • Industry executives
  • Government and military officials
  • Program managers
  • Business developers
  • Engineers, scientists, and researchers
  • Professors, educators, and students
  • Consultants, press, and media

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