13–16 September 2016
Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, California

Explore SPACE Forum 2016

Your return on investment will be high. The multiple opportunities you have to advance your career personally by learning, to advance your career professionally by networking…is worth the price of admission.—Lt. Gen Larry D. James, USAF (Ret.), NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Open Space: Opportunities for the Global Community

The questions surrounding the future of space exploration are far-reaching to the global community. Who will own the skies, the moon and future planets? At AIAA SPACE 2016 you will hear from both thought-leaders and the technical experts who have led the charge to date, as well as those who will enable future accomplishments.

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Plenary Program

Plenary sessions examine some of the most critical issues in aerospace today:

  • Opening session with Charles F. Bolden Jr., Winston A. Beauchamp, and Steve Jurvetson
  • Technologies for the New LEO Economy with Stephen Jurczyk, James Crawford, Steve Jolly, Bernard Kutter, and Andrew Rush
  • Next Stop: Mars with Michael Barratt, Guy Beutelschies, John Elbon, William H. Gerstenmaier, Abhishek Tripathi, and Julie Van Kleeck

Forum 360

The Forum 360 panel discussions build on the themes and discussions of each day’s opening plenary session, adding a layer of content and context that enhances the value of your forum experience. These discussions also give you time to interact with industry leaders in more intimate settings, enabling meaningful communication, and stimulating greater insight into the critical issues of the day. Sessions:

  • Icy Moons and Ocean Worlds
  • Commercial Crew Update
  • Thriving Within Complexity
  • Limiting or Unlimited: Envisioning a Free Market Space Industry
  • Earth Observations: Space & the Paris Agreement
  • Launch 2020
  • On-Orbit Satellite Servicing
  • Space Traffic Management
  • Global Perspectives

Technical Program

The technical program contains more than 650 technical papers from about 600 government, academic, and private institutions in 28 countries reporting on the latest in space and astronautics research, and offering scores of opportunities for collaboration and discussion on high-impact topics.

Continuing Education

Now offering student registration rates! Register for one of our continuing education courses and gain access to all forum activities. Plus, you will leave with invaluable improvements and solutions that you can put to immediate use.


Recognition events include the William H. Pickering Lecture with Juno project manager Nybakken and principal investigator Bolton, Wanda Austin delivering the Yvonne C. Brill Lecture, the von Kármán Lecture, and a luncheon to celebrate achievements in space and astronautics.

Special Events

 Meet and hear stories from astronauts; network during receptions, luncheons, and poster sessions; attend book signings, explore the exposition hall, and make a silent auction bid for the benefit of the AIAA Foundation.

What to Expect

  • Almost 1,500 participants from 28 countries
  • More than 650 papers reporting on the latest innovations in astrodynamics, space technology, exploration, and operations
  • Dedicated events for students and young professionals
  • An evening of astronaut stories

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