For over 75 years, AIAA has been a champion to make sure that aerospace professionals are recognized for their contributions. Join with us throughout the AIAA SPACE Forum as AIAA recognizes the very best in our industry: those individuals and teams who have taken aerospace technology to the next level…who have advanced the quality and depth of the aerospace profession…who have leveraged their aerospace knowledge for the benefit of society. Their achievements have inspired us to dream and to explore new frontiers.

We celebrate our industry's discoveries and achievements from the small but brilliantly simple innovations that affect everyday lives to the major discoveries and missions that fuel our collective human drive to explore and accomplish amazing things.

William H. Pickering Lecture

Wednesday 6, August 2014, 1830 hrs

The William H. Pickering Lecture is named for the former NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Director to honor his initiation and leadership of America’s unmanned scientific space program, from Explorer I in 1958 through the development of the Viking orbiters and Voyager outer planet and interstellar missions. The lecture is open to all attendees and the general public. 

  • Jamie Brock
  • Jamie J. Bock, Caltech Professor of Physics and JPL Senior Research Scientist

    "Searching for Vibrations from the Big Bang"
    Moments after the Big Bang, our observable universe underwent a violent growth spurt that flung space apart faster than the speed of light. This "inflationary" expansion explains the basic properties of the universe we see today, and laid the gravitational seeds that later grew into clusters of galaxies. We have been making precise measurements of the cosmic microwave background to learn about the exotic physics that drove inflation. The search for a faint polarization pattern, a hallmark of gravitational vibrations from inflation, has led us to develop specialized experiments observing from the South Pole and space.

AIAA Awards Luncheon

Thursday, 7 August 2014, 1230 hrs

Join colleagues and friends in celebrating innovation and achievements in space and astronautics at the AIAA Awards Luncheon.

Aerospace Communications Award

  • Garland
  • Peter J. Garland, Director, Advanced Programs, MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates Corporation

    "For technical and management contributions to the advancement of space and ground technology."

George M. Low Space Transportation Award

  • ATV
  • Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) Industrial Team, Airbus Defence and Space Transportation

    Award accepted by:
    Gilles Debas, ATV Program Manager

    "For outstanding contribution to space transportation by developing, qualifying, manufacturing, and testing Europe's most sophisticated space vehicle."

Haley Space Flight Award

  • James Newman
  • James H. Newman, Professor, Space Systems Naval Postgraduate School

    "To recognize his advancement of technology in rendezvous, proximity operations and robotics through the development of astronaut situational awareness tools.”

Missile Systems Technical Award

  • Eugene Fleeman
  • Eugene Fleeman, Consultant, Missile Design and System Engineering

    "For development of methods for missile design and systems engineering."

Space Science Award

  • Spitzer Space Telescope
  • Spitzer Space Telescope, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    "For outstanding science producing over 5,000 papers, 75,000+ hours of observation, and significant findings such as the first telescope to directly detect light from extrasolar planets."

Space Systems Award

  • Michael Trela
  • Michael Trela, Vice President Satellite Systems, Skybox Imaging Inc.

    "In recognition of your leadership and the Skybox Satellite Team for the innovative development of a low-cost hi-performance earth imaging satellite.”

Von Braun Award for Excellence in Space Program Management

  • Cepollina
  • Frank Cepollina, Associate Director, Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

    "For 50 years of astonishing contributions in on-orbit servicing culminating in five spectacular Hubble Space Telescope repair missions."

AIAA/AAS Astrodynamics Specialist Best Paper

"Enhanced Visualization and Autonomous Extraction Of Poincar'e Map Toplogy" AAS 13-903
Wayne R. Schlei, Kathleen C. Howell, and Xavier M. Tricoche, Purdue University and Christoph Garth, University of Kaiserslautern